Just Baby Mamas embracing womanHOOD as well!


BadMommi is a weekly interview-based podcast that allows every day Baby Mamas to raise their voices and shift the narrative about what a Baby Mama should be.

  • It is the oatmeal bath your mom put you into when you had chicken pox only the bathtub is in an abandoned building and the abandoned building is on fire.
  • It is ice cream on a sweltering day on the block with Al green bumping from your mama’s window and Migos blaring out of car stereos.
  • It is authentic, real, raunchy, classic, open, non-judgmental, funny, rachet, nurturing and a guide for healing by just being yourself. 

The Problem

72% of Black children born to a single parent 6.8 million single Black moms = A NEW NORM. 

Why do we care? Try entering Single Black Mom into a search engine. The stigma and negativity surrounding mothers is perverse and severe. The conversation must be changed. The conversation needs our voice. But first, the conversation must BEGIN.

The Solution

Being a Baby Mama is about having the audacity to cultivate a healthy child in a chaotic world and being the orchestrator over another human being while also giving birth to yourself.

What if you didn’t have to separate the essential parts of you? What if you built a community where you could be yourself and raise your child?

That’s where BADMOMMI comes in.

We connect. We share. We bond. We build. We twerk. We raise our kids. We raise our expectations. And we change the world.

But first, we twerk. And drink. While playing trap music.


Meet BadMommi!

IMG_6938BadMommi is Morgan, a transplant to NYC raised in Bodymore, Murdaland (Baltimore, MD for those not hip to the slang). She is a graduate of Hampton University and a mom of one son, Miles. A writer since birth she is currently working on her first book and in February 2016 co-wrote and co-starred in a play entitled “Untitled: A Black Love Experiment“. Currently a teacher  she also enjoys being an artist, actress and singer who spends most of her time trying to figure out how to turn her passions into profits so she can spend less time pressing the snooze button and more time sipping margaritas


As a teacher and mom for over 13 years, Morgan knows more about kids (especially teenagers) than she is comfortable with. So ask her any question: Why is my teen sulking in a corner? What do I do to engage my child in fruitful and productive conversation? What is that smell? She doesn’t have all the answers but she will go on a 15-minute rant about how much kids suck and offer you a glass of wine.  You can mosIMG_7054t likely find her harmonizing to trap music and painting pictures of a semi-nude black woman with extremely thick thighs. 


7 thoughts on “About

    • Morgan says:

      Lol I try to be accepting of choices that reflect love of people. Period. You can love whoever you want as long as you don’t put down anyone else.


  1. Morisa says:

    YESSSS! I’ve been waiting for this day, but in typical Mo fashion, I left my headphones at home and now I have to wait. I’m about to have everyone in this office listening to your podcast!


  2. Sheavon says:

    So proud of you girl!!! It’s admirable to witness my friends put their passion to action. Loved the first episode and will continue to support!!!


  3. Nicole says:

    I’m so happy for you I cant wait for our mommies and mimosa that’s we was talking about I’m very proud of you and I’m ready for the camera lol keep being great love ya


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