Why BadMommi?

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Some may ask, “Why the term BadMommi?” They giggle at the name and wonder aloud if it implies my parenting skills are sub par. They sometimes insinuate with raised eyebrows it may have to do with my sexual prowess. I once even received a very explicit erotic story in my inbox describing numerous acts the writer would love to engage in with a “bad mommy like me” some of which included crawling on the floor and chocolate sauce (it really does go down in the DM :$).

But the name was not created to boast about sexual skill. It wasn’t created to be bad ass or because we think we’re “bad bitches”. It was actually created for the small stuff like believing pickles count as a vegetable for dinner. It’s because I have over 20 tattoos and my son had been watching my body art grow since he was a fetus. It’s because most millennial mommies can text, cook dinner, help with homework and twerk all at the same damn time. It’s because once when I was 8 months pregnant I went to the club as the designated driver and tricked some drunk girls in the bathroom into thinking my red cup full of cranberry juice was actually a cranberry and vodka and that I had been drinking throughout my entire pregnancy thinking I just had a stomach ache.

BadMommi exists because motherhood is not, contrary to popular belief, about being a good mother. It has absolutely nothing to do with being “good”. It most certainly has everything to do with being bad; breaking rules, shucking traditions and raising your child/children in ways that are best for you and them. There is no formula. There is no secret weapon. No magic potion. No logical equation. It is simply waking up every morning and making the conscious decision to keep going. Being a BadMommi means peeling off the layers of judgment and arriving to life naked, vulnerable and strong enough to shout “Fuck you” to what the world thinks mommies should look like.

So if you ever wore your regular jeans while you were pregnant and just looped a rubber band through the button-hole to hold them together, you’re a BadMommi. If you’ve ever dropped your kid off to daycare and ran immediately to a quick happy hour, you’re a BadMommi. If you’ve ever passed off store-bought anything as yours at the bake sale/fundraiser, you’re a BadMommi. If you look sexy ASF in a unitard and lashes but also quite nice in vomit covered sweatpants, you’re a BadMommi. Because instead of judging ourselves for all the ways in which the world says we’re not good enough let’s celebrate each other for how bad we can be.

So tell us why you’re a BadMommi! Comment below or email us and we’ll post all your BadMommi stories. Let’s show the world how truly bad ass moms can be!

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