What is a Bad Mommi?

BeFunky Collage“A good mother is irreplaceable.” 

– Adriana Trigiani

And a Bad Mother is indisputable.

Bad Mothers are those of us who realize that motherhood (or adulthood) and fun don’t have to be separate entities or conflicting territories.

Bad Mothers are people who recognize that life is about building on mistake after mistake after mistake (and being able to laugh about it).

Bad Mothers don’t even necessarily have kids but do the work every day of taking care of others whether it be raising a child or nurturing a relationship with compassion dedication and humility while adding just a touch of kickass to sweeten the mix.

Bad Mommi is Morgan and Alisa, moms and college friends who just want to journey with you in the pursuit of awesomeness, love and light. We are irreverent, eclectic and quirky and spend most of our time searching for ways to get out of typical mom duties such as helping with homework, yelling about dishes and figuring out what the hell is that rash?!

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