BadMommi Def

At 21 getting good grades, perfecting my fro and learning a stroll for the party to attract him because I had just dumped him. In the blink of a pregnancy test that was all gone; I could no longer be the intelligent, talented, free spirit I had been. I was a statistic, I had a whole new identity, a new name: Baby Mama.

And we know that being a Baby Mama in our world equates to being a Bad Mom. It took me 15 years to get it through my thick skull that being a Baby Mama didn’t actually limit me but stretched me to be what the Universe needed me to. But I learned this from being a Bad Mom.

I couldn’t accept that to be a good mother I have to give up who I was and so I became a bad one.

And there are millions of mommies like me. BadMommi exists because motherhood is not, contrary to popular belief, about being a good mother. It has everything to do with breaking rules, shucking traditions and raising your child/children in ways that are best for you and them. There is no formula. There is no secret weapon. No magic potion. No logical equation. It is simply waking up every morning and making the conscious decision to keep making your own magic. Badmommi is a space to peel off the layers of judgment and redefine what mommies are like so we can keep making magic.

BadMommi is a multifaceted brand that will include a podcast, a book and a social network. It is geared towards mothers who also happen to be women as well.  A place to share, support and spark the dreams of mommies BadMommi aims to nurture women who know they deserve a life just as much as their kids do.

Welcome to the BadMommi Podcast!

Welcome to the squad!